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Body Treatments

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You’ve had a long week at work, or you’ve just come back from that fabulous vacation. You might take a long soak in the bath to energize your mind, body, and soul, but at Ruzica’s Day Spa we understand that you might need more than a hot bath to relax and unwind.

Visit our Upper East Side location in NYC to experience our invigorating body treatments. We have a team of experts at your service, ready to provide you with rejuvenating ointments and professional massage techniques.

Choose from our range of body treatments: Therapeutic, Swedish, or Reflexology to really target those stress areas all of these treatments are also applied to men.

Our quality therapeutic deep tissue body treatment helps to relieve tension and muscle tightness – great for after those morning work outs and gym sessions!

If you’re looking for a deep, relaxing experience, our Swedish body treatment can provide you with the right amount of massage pressure and soothing techniques to take you away from the stresses and troubles of daily life.

Or choose our reflexology body treatment, offered to you by our expert team to target areas using techniques on the hands and feet.

Feel the difference professional, quality body treatments can do for your mind, body, and soul!